Patriarkraakt is an Utrecht-based collective organizing workshops and sessions for people that want to work on their internalized toxic masculinity. Patriarkraakt believes that people who’ve internalized toxic masculinity should work on themselves and by organizing these sessions we hope to fight toxic masculinity, cultivate emotional honesty and fight the patriarchy. Our aim is to contribute to making the movement safer for women, queers and trans people, but also for men themselves.

Patriarkraakt want to better understand why lots of young men* are attracted by the conservative politics of the alt-right and its traditional conceptions of masculinity instead of choosing emancipation and a struggle for (gender) equality. We think that most men* in Western Europe are confronted with similar challenges, questions and problems nowadays. We do see, however, that in facing these challenges and finding solutions to the posed questions there’s a big group of mostly young men that opt for a relapse into conservative politics that involves very traditional conceptions of masculinity and the gender binary, which, we think, leads to more problems rather than offering solutions to contemporary challenges.