Moira is a cooperative living group of creatives that also hosts a music and arts venue in the city centre of Utrecht, The Netherlands. It aims to provide secure and affordable living space for people who make an active and ongoing cultural contribution to the city. The residents are active participants in the running of the venue and exhibition space, building upon the creative richness and diversity of Utrecht.

About the house

The building at Wolvenstraat 10 was built in 1906. From 1939 until 1959, it was a dance school. Then, insurance company Moira turned it into a canteen, after which it became derelict. Not long after the complex became vacant, it was squatted in 1983 by artists and musicians looking for affordable living and working spaces. In the period from 1983 to 1989, the Moira complex was converted into a residential and art collective building. Living areas, studios, practice rooms for bands and an exhibition space were added to the existing party hall. After the renovation and legalization of the complex, the residents united in 1990 and the Moira Foundation was founded to manage and operate the workspaces. Learn more about the history of Moira

Moira Foundation offers a space for creatives to live, work and organise. The exhibition space hosts several activist collectives that organise workshops, events and exhibitions. There is a weekly open mic night and many other regular events in the venue. Learn more about what goes on at Moira



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