Cultural spaces

The building of Moira has two public purposes; the Exposition space and the Venue. Our Venue is located in the basement of a beautiful canal house in the heart of Utrecht, and hosts a variety of events. The atmosphere is warm, with lots of woodwork and a balcony. The Exposition space is located in the same building on street level, and is home to several collectives. Additionally, there is an Atelier space used by the residents that is also open to one guest artist.


Moira is a cooperative living group of creatives that aims to provide secure and affordable living space for people who make an ongoing cultural contribution to the city of Utrecht. 


Moira is a foundation that aims to promote the arts and culture, as well as social issues, through ongoing collaborative projects with local and international groups. In addition to housing, the Moira building has two public purposes, the Moira Expo and the Moira Zaal. The foundation rents out the workspaces for non-commercial cultural activities and non-profit making, offering a platform to artists and musicians who have not yet made a name for themselves in the established circuit. It also wants to provide original initiatives in the field of visual arts, music and theater the opportunity to manifest and develop.