Archived event

Support evening

for the spoonie community

This is a meet-up for the Utrecht support group for people with chronic illness, long-term covidity, burnouts and generally different and varying energy levels. This meet-up will focus more on discussing and working through a specific topic together, but also on providing an environment where the spoon community in Utrecht can meet and bond.

This is for people suffering from chronic illness, long covidity, burn-outs or who otherwise have different energy levels and currently have no support structure in the community to discuss shared experiences, challenges and struggles.

Bethany Wilson (she/her): Involved with various community organising. She wanted to help set up such a group after multiple friends with long covid and chronic illness had mentioned their feelings of isolation and the need for a space to discuss what they deal with. 
Romi Brouwhuis (they/them): Lives and grew up in Utrecht, is invovled with various queer and feminist organising, such as Savannah Bay and 2QTs gender support group. They have been suffering from long covid for over a year and with previous experiences with chronic fatigue, have had to change their life around to deal with the impacts of this illness. They wanted to set up a group in which people who are dealing with similar things could feel less alone.