Radio in the bathtub


exhibition with wall-objects,
sculptures and videoworks,
performances, films and
dinner with storytelling
organised by Dagobert Macib



opening:     fr. 6 sep. *

exhibition:   8 – 22 sep. 2019 (sa. and su. 1 – 6 p.m.)

performance-evening:      fr. 6 sep. *

filmscreening:                 su. 15 sep. *

dinner with storytelling:   su. 22 sep. *

* See for the latest information about precise times and participating artists on Instagram: Moira.Art and Radiointhebathtub


“Radio in the bathtub” is the title of a series of exhibitions and events organised by Dagobert Macib. The first broadcast was in december 2018, he curated an exhibition with performances and films by various participating artists at Moira. As an artist he graduated in 2018 at the HKU (artacademy Utrecht) with an installation with paintings and performances.

Dagobert Macib has again invited different artists to show their work in september 2019 at Moira during the exhibition with events: The following artists are participating at this second broadcasting of “Radio in the bathtub” (lists of names can be subject to change):

The exhibition shows wall-objects, sculptures and videoworks by: Alan Joldersma, Galaxy, Harm Hajonides, Inbal Ann Hershtig, Joana Philine Brutscheck, Joop Stoop, Lisa Smithson, Neta Ben Dova, Norbert Kovacs, Rix ta, Tim Wunderink, Victor Crepsely, Yyyyy.

During the opening on fr. 6 sep. performances are realized by: burgerservice, Galaxy, Hilde Wollenstein, LISA, Mariah Blue, Marleen, SMIB, Smitvago Travels, Yyyyy.

On su. 15 sep. there is a screening of videoworks and films by: Arno Westerberg, Jenni Kempani, Leon Stoffelen, Maja Bolier, Mikk Jogi, Norbert Kovacs & Dagobert Macib, Victor Crepsley, Yyyyy.

The last event is programmed on su. 22 sep. with a dinner and storytelling.